Sickle Cell Anemia genetics: How this condition is genetically acquired

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Sickle cell is a congenital disorder that is characterized with abnormal shape the hemoglobin i.e the normal blood cell. Ideally, the normal shape of the blood cell or hemoglobin cell shape is usually spherical or circles in shape. Whereas in the case of sickle cell it is abnormally sickle in shape, hence sickle cell. This always Leeds to an anemic disabilities causing shortage or lack of blood to the normal blood circulation. Also it is a genetically transferred hence the name sickle cell anemia genetics.

Meanwhile this spherical nature of the blood cell makes it possible and easy to flow through the blood vessels. Whereas, in the case of sickle cell reverse becomes the case. This awkward shape of sickle cell blood shape makes it extremely difficult for blood to flow through the vessels.

Sickle cell occurs as a result of mistake from parents during their early marriage age. Naturally, a person that has the genotype of AS does not suppose to marry any person with same genotype of AS or even SS. The only way forward is to find someone that has AA as genotype.

Moreover, looking into the grammatical expression of it when, AA genotype marries an SS genotype they give offspring of AS all through. However, when AS genotype marries an AS genotype they will certainly produce many AS and also SS with AA which is the more reason why it is not advisable for them to get married at all.

This explains that no matter the level of love or spiritual backup or prophecy, people should be very careful and alert when it comes to genotype and choice of marriage.

Sickle cell disease
Sickle cell anemia and genetic involvement

When a person with the genotype of AA marries a person with the genotype of AS, it is fair enough as the couple will produce a lot of AA and few AS offspring and this marriage is not going to have any repercussion reproduction wise. Hence, it is vividly advisable in marriage for an AS individual to seek for an AA individual for a semi-perfect reproduction.

Nevertheless, the perfect genotype in marriage is the couple of genotype AA get married to same genotype AA. When this happens they will definitely  give birth to children with same genotype AA all through.

Meanwhile sickle cell condition is not a condition with no remedy. It is absolutely a condition that can be medically managed, unless in a situation where the person refused to adhere to therapy. Which can lead to sickle cell anemia and as well as sickle cell crisis that is when hospitalization will be necessary with subsequent transfusion depending on the level of the crisis.

In most cases, after hospitalization the person tends to recover and goes back to his/her normal daily activities. Whereas, in some cases the person might give up the ghost or joins the ancestors. Hence, sickle cell anemia remains a topic to always give a special attention to, in order to avoid its crisis and hospitalization.


The prognosis of sickle cell is awesomely positive if proper care and attention is given to it or the other way round if no good care or attention is giving to it. Some people with the condition of sickle cell can remain without symptoms for so many years, whereas others do not survive it beyond early childhood or infancy.

The signs and symptoms of sickle cell diseases are usually caused by the sickle shape of the red blood cell. Whenever the red cells of the blood are sickle in shape, they tends to break down prematurely which in turns leads to anemia or shortage of blood in the stream.

Sickle cell disease
The involvement of genetics in sickle cell disease

Causes of sickle cell anemia

This condition can be caused by mutation in gene HBB. This gene gives provisional instruction in making part of hemoglobin. According to studies, hemoglobin consists of four protein sub-units. Technically, two sub-units known as beta-globin and the other sub-unit known as the alpha-globin.

Looking at the people with sickle cell anemia, not less than one of the beta-globin sub-units in hemoglobin is replaced by hemoglobin S. in the case of sickle cell anemia which can also be called homozygous sickle cell disease, which is the commonest presentation of sickle cell disease.

Here the hemoglobin S is replaces the beta-globin sub-unit in hemoglobin. Whereas, in the other category of sickle cell disease only one of the beta-globin sub-unit in hemoglobin is replaced by hemoglobin S.

In a nutshell, terrible version of beta-globin sub-unit can interrupt the normal activity of red blood cell into sickle shaped something. Then the sickle shaped something dies prematurely thus leading to simple or severe anemia. In some cases it leads to inflexible sickle shaped thing which would hardly pass through the tiny blood vessels and in the order hand causes a terrible medical complications.

Sickle cell anemia genetics
Sickle cell anemia genetics: genetics as the pilot of sickle cell disease

Conclusion statement

In conclusion, sickle cell disease is a medical condition that can be managed for life if properly managed. However, there is no cure for this condition but the only remedy is to properly handle it with care. When not properly managed it can thus lead to a condition called sickle cell anemia or sickle cell crisis which becomes a medical emergency.

Meanwhile, there are still measures to be taken to avoid sickle cell at the first place. This has to do with marital precaution and absolute cares during marriage choice making which were thoroughly handled in this article. Therefore, it is advisable to be more careful when making marital choice to avoid sickle cell in the first place. Hence sickle cell anemia genetics.

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