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Effects of substance abuse has been a public health challenge facing so many countries today both developing and developed. Meanwhile, statistics from America shows that up to 80% crimes committed by the youths are associated with those who engages in one substance or the other.

Therefore it becomes a thing of concern to make a little research about substance misuse and publish it so that many youths will be aware of its consequences and decide whether to continue or quite.

Effects of substance abuse
Effects of substance abuse: both positive and negative


  • Makes them worry less;

Substance abuse or drug abuse tends to make one get intoxicated and by so doing i.e after getting intoxicated, they worries less about those things they were worried about initially just as a result of being intoxicated. However, after the process of intoxication the individual will never return back which at the long run it (substance misuse) adds no value the individual’s life in all ramifications.

  • Intoxications an making one feel better than everyone else;

Apparently, it sounds or it might sound so funny to say this but it is the bitter truth about one of the positive effects of substance or drug misuse or abuse. Whenever people get involved in substance intake, they get intoxicated and it makes them feel like they are better than anyone else or sometimes better than everyone which at long run, it is just a practical deceit of drug or substance misuse or abuse.

Meanwhile, they now thinks in life that it should be thoughtful of every man to think they should be better than yesterday and not feeling better than anyone or feeling better than everyone.

Effects of substance abuse
Positive and negative effects of substance abuse

Negative effects of substance misuse

  • Mismanagement of funds/money;

mismanagement of funds tends to occur in people’s life if substances are ridiculously abused and it affects the financial aspects of the individual’s life in the sense that he would spend all the money he has on substances and even to the extent of planning to borrow. Continue spending it on substances which eventually, made the individual run short of money when it is obvious necessary.

It also influences the person’s way of finding any means of making more money for himself. Whether a good or bad means of making the money the person becomes handicapped and only craving for more and more drugs to abuse which in turns affect the person’s life orientation and means of livelihood.

  • Damage of body organs and parts of the body system;

This aspect of disadvantage of substance abuse is a very sensitive one and need to be treated carefully. It is obvious that most of these substances or drugs are of high chemicals that tends to damage our body’s vital organs in one way or another. Some of these organs are the liver, kidney, lungs, intestine, etc.

The body system because of their creative natures tends to serve a bit longer before giving sings and signals that it has been dangerously affected by these terrible hard substances. Meanwhile, before these sings are visibly available, these substances should have been on the person’s body system for a very long time. However, when the sings comes up, they can be as dangerous as taking the person’s life sooner. Therefore, it is very advisable for substance users be aware of this kind of information before deciding whether to continue or to quite immediately.

Proper management of diabetes
Effects of substance abuse
Negative effects of substance abuse
  • Ageing or getting older than their age; if you take a good look at these people that are engaged with the abuse of one substance or the other, you will certainly find out that they are a bit older than their normal age. This is always obvious with cigarette smokers, I don’t really know why. I think it’s because of hormonal crisis between those substances and normal ageing hormone.
  • Laziness of going to work or not being involved in any work; I have taken my time to observe some people that engage in this substance misuse, they always seek for the short-cut of money making. Either Internet scamming, cyber attack, kidnapping, pocket-picking, all manner of illegitimate activities.
  • Disrespectful/ Abusive languages to anyone around them because of intoxication as a result of not being in their rightful senses; This is always common with people that abuses hard drugs because the real sense has been taking away from them. Sometimes, when they come back to their real senses if you tell them what they said with their mouth when they were high, they always deny it.
Substance abuse
Substance misuse and it’s effects on human health

Substance misuse and its consequences to the nowadays youths

The youth they said are the leaders of tomorrow. However, in many developing countries today, reverse becomes the case. Thus, the effects of substance comes with a terrible consequences on our youths because of the rate at which they all abuse it. On a normal day, these substances are there to be used for pharmacological reasons but these youths further gets acquainted with them and becomes addicted with them which becomes a height of problematic.

The effect of substances they abuses have some consequences on them. Such as; missed work, injuries, accidents and punishable offenses. Meanwhile Alcohol and drugs accounts up to 80% of offenses that took people into jail worldwide. Most of these crimes like do driving while intoxicated, domestic violence and some other offenses related to damaged properties.

Apparently, both legal and illegal drugs addiction excluding alcohols are deeply involved in up to 17 percent of motor vehicle crashes recently. InĀ  some previous years about 12 million people in one way or the other has drove under the influence of hard substances and about 4000 are fatally injured vehicle drivers are much positive after substance routine testing.

The ridiculous effects of substance misuse on behavior

  1. Hallucinations
  2. Paranoia
  3. Impaired judgement
  4. Aggressiveness
  5. Addiction
  6. Loss of control
  7. Impulsiveness.
Substance misuse
How substances affects our health

Conclusive statement

In conclusion, the effects of substance abuse has been very alarming and also a public/ global health concern. This article took time and research about the positive and negative effects of substance misuse generally. And also went through its consequences on the society and the youths as well. Meanwhile, there is an obvious need for the youths to think about these consequences and decide whether to continue or to quite. Although it is better to always be on the positive side.

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