Health effects of exercise

Health Effects of Exercise: Research has shown the health effects of exercise and healthy diets on future health conditions

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Health effects of exercise is a serious topic that can never be overemphasized in the health and wellness research. According to scientific  research findings, Exercise, healthy diet in midlife can save from future health conditions.

New research published in the journal of the American Heart Association proved that if a person takes care of their health. By doing regular physical exercise and consume a healthy diet during their midlife. There  is every possibility that this can help achieve optimal cardiometabolic health in old age.
Health effects of exercise
Importance of active exercise in our health and well being
The combination of a routine of regular physical activity with a diet including fruits, vegetables and other healthy foods. This can possibly be key to middle-aged adults achieving optimal cardiometabolic health later in life. Meanwhile, this is in accordance with the  new research using data from the Framingham Heart Study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association.

The health effect of exercise

Cardiometabolic health risk factors include metabolic syndrome, a cluster of disorders such as excess fat around the waist, insulin resistance and high blood pressure. The availability of metabolic syndrome may increase the risk of developing heart disease, stroke and Type 2 diabetes.

Studies noted that it has been unclear whether adherence to both the US Department of Health and Human Services’ 2018 Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans and their 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Which opposed to only one of the two in midlife confers the most favourable cardiometabolic health outcomes later in life.

The physical activity guidelines recommend that adults achieve at least 150 minutes of moderate or 75 minutes of vigorous physical activity per week. This includes walking or swimming. The dietary guidelines, which were updated in January 2021. Thus offer suggestions for healthy eating patterns, nutritional targets and dietary limits.

Health effects of exercise
Impact of exercise on our health

The Analytical findings

According  to data analysis from participants of the Framingham Heart Study. This shows  that more than 70 years ago in Framingham, Massachusetts, investigators examined data from 2,379 adults ages 18 and older and their adherence to the two guidelines.

This study observed that meeting a combination of the two was recommendations during midlife which associated with lower odds of metabolic syndrome. As well  as the development of serious health conditions as participants aged in their senior years in 2016-2019 examinations.

Interestingly, health care professionals could use these findings to further promote and emphasize to their patients. Meanwhile, the benefits of a healthy diet and a regular exercise schedule to avoid the development of numerous chronic health conditions in the present and later life.

Findings from corresponding author Vanessa Xanthakis, Ph.D., FAHA, assistant professor of medicine and biostatistics in the Section of Preventive Medicine and Epidemiology at Boston University School of Medicine in Boston.

The earlier people make these lifestyle changes, the more likely they will be to lower their risk of cardiovascular-associated diseases later in their life time.

The research participants were selected from the third generation of the Framingham Heart Study. Participants (average age 47, 54% women) were examined between 2008 and 2011. Researchers evaluated physical activity using a specialized device known as an omnidirectional accelerometer.

The device, which tracks sedentary and physical activity, was worn on the participant’s hip for eight days. Researchers also collected dietary information from food frequency questionnaires to measure the kinds and levels of food and nutrients consumed.

In this investigation, researchers observed that among all participants, 28% met recommendations of both the physical activity and dietary guidelines, while 47% achieved the recommendations in only one of the guidelines.

Exercise and it's health benefits
Health effects of exercise from different point of view

Researchers observations

  • Participants who followed the physical activity recommendations alone had 51% lower odds of metabolic syndrome;
  •  Participants who adhered to the dietary guidelines alone had 33% lower odds; and
  •  Participants who followed both guidelines had 65% lower odds of developing metabolic syndrome.

Although, It is noteworthy that we observed a dose-response association of adherence to diet and physical activity. Guidelines with risk of cardiometabolic disease later in life helps a lot Xanthakis said. “Participants who met the physical activity guidelines had a progressively lower risk of cardiometabolic disease as they increased adherence to the dietary guidelines.”

All study participants were white adults, therefore, the findings cannot be generalized to people in other racial or ethnic groups. Additional studies with a multiethnic participant sample are needed, researchers said.

Good Exercise
Good exercise is very helpful in dementia improvement

Conclusion statement

Effects of exercise on our health is an important topic that can never be overemphasized. In this piece of article writing, all the benefits of exercise on our health were identified and to some extents were discussed.

Recently, people are more active on the social media instead of their normal daily activities. This has raised so many outstanding questions and curiosity amongst health and wellness research experts.

This implies that a lot of research work is still necessary to identify reasons behind all these. In this piece of work, so many health benefits of daily exercises werehealth benefits of daily exercises were identified and discussed. Although, there is still need for research to be done in these gap in knowledge. And a continuous awareness programs to be organized at different health settings.

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