How to build healthy relationships: Five incredible tips to establish a successful relationship

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Building healthy relationships is something that can never be overemphasized in human relationships. Therefore it is very important and worth investing time in. Therefore in this piece of article, we will be discussing in-depthly five incredible tips that would help one on how to build  healthy relationships

Indeed Relationships are really difficult to maintain once it’s developed in a wrong way. I’ve come to understand that one of the key factors that separate the struggling from the uber successful, is the ability to inculcate, cultivate and develop a successful relationship.

How to build healthy relationships
How to build healthy and perfect elationships

As much as we enjoy hearing about the ‘self-made’ man or woman. The row fact remains that collaboration and connection will always play a role in our success. Basically, dreams without the support of others remains dreams and can neverbe a reality.

More so, same is applicable to you. Meaning that whatever you’re struggling for, whatever you’re seeking, whatever that keeps you awake at night does so because you just can’t stop dreaming about it. You’re going to need to enlist the help of others in other to achieve it.

Therefore, before you start making a list of everyone you plan on recruiting to help and what you need from them, I suggest a thorough reading of the rest of this post please.

According to research, below are five possible ways one can successfully develop a productive and lasting relationship.

A successful relationship
Building a perfect and successful relationship

Here are five ways the uber successful build lasting, profitable and a successful relationship.

1. Develop a Long-term attitude

This may look a bit voluminous, especially for new entrepreneurs who feel a strong sense of urgency, but having a long-term perspective with your relationships will set you up for future success.

This implies:

  • Do not change who you are to please any one please. True relationships are built upon honesty, integrity and transparency (you remember, all that good stuff our Mums taught us).
  • Accept the fact that relationships go through seasons and evolve. This means accepting that sometimes you’ll be close, and other times you’ll find yourselves not speaking to each other for weeks, or even months. But the best relationships which stand the test of time are those that are able to pick up right where they left off (which means not getting offended if your partner doesn’t get back to you when you expected).
  • Value your current relationships. It’s easy to take our current relationships for granted and always be about creating new ones, but you’ll find that successful people have deep relationships that have been cultivated over years of mutual understanding.

2. Be optimistic with your actions

Nothing great happens by chance. It’s always intentional. Inspite of having a very busy schedule, I’ve always made it a priority to connect with my team and staff in my personal way. This can be as simple sending an sms thanking a member of my team for helping to finalize a task ahead of deadline, or as familiar as having a baby shower gift sent to someone in my team.

Either of the ways, it is intentional -which means planned and implemented.

Below are few ways you can be intentional about developing yourself towards building a relationship:

  • Identify the top three people in your team and brainstorm ways on how you can deliver huge value to them. Keep in mind the most important point here is something they value most.
  • Let’s think more ‘real-world’. Use your lunch, or breakfast time as an opportunity to connect with someone, by having them join your for a meal. It’s a tremendous way to catch up while also taking a break from your workday.
  • Always acknowledge the life events of your team members. This includes marriages, new additions to the family, career advancements and anything else of importance that may show up in your social media platforms.
  • Attend conferences and seminars that you wouldn’t have attended on a normal day. This will place you in a different context and push you to develop your social skills, and as a result, new relationships.
  • Set aside time each week to call a few people from your group, for the simple goal of just checking in to see how they’re doing.
A successful relationship
Optimism is important in building a successful relationship.

3. Put a premimum on building yourself

As you build your team never forget that you are also part of someone’s team as well.

So have these in mind:

  • What value do you bring to your team?
  • Have you made a choice of continous growth and advancement?
  • Are you trying to receive more than you’ve given?

Successful people like to be around successful people. Meaning that if you plan on finding yourself inside one of these social circles, it’s important to have someone of high value around you always.

Just look at any Instagram feed of celebrities, or successful entrepreneur and you’ll see their comments filled with people who are trying to get something from them (such as; endorsement, a partnership or free consulting / coaching). Do you think this doesn’t work? Of course it does.

Now consider this, that same celebrity, or entrepreneur goes to work everyday and collaborates with other people who have advanced their skills and provide something of value.

Realistically, developing skills takes time – it isn’t easy, but it’s a certainty in finding yourself in the company of success.

4. Endeavor to give more, than to you receive more

Have you spent any time following entrepreneurs online? If yes, then you’ve probably stumbled across this wonderful person Lewis Howes, host of the wildly popular School of Greatness podcast.

What you might not be familiar with however, is that Lewis began to improve his entrepreneurial success by choosing to host an enormous amount of networking events. His understanding was that if he could help connect others, and shake as many hands as possible his life would be enriched.

But what’s important to note is that he started from the level of giving. Lewis was not concerned about profiting from these events, or seeing what others could do for him.  He only wanted to be a connector of people.

Let us not forget, the path of entrepreneurship is built upon the economical concept of providing value to your customers and prospective customers.

Think of it simply solving a problem. And what’s great is that it also applicable to our various relationships.

5. Integrate a P2P attitude

According to Albert Einstein; “I speak to everyone in the same way, whether he is the garbage man or the president of the Institution “

People are People thus:

  • They are not ‘followers’.
  • They are not open-rates.
  • They are not subscribers.
  • They are not stats.
  • They are not staff

They are people because;

They can be represented by the terms listed above, but if you approach your relationship development from a more intimate philosophy, or as I acronyms it, the People-2-People (P2P) mindset, you’ll find yourself building more meaningful and lasting relationships.

Which implies: In building a successful relationship,

  • Never underestimate the value of these magic words “Thank You”, and “I’m Sorry” to your partner, guests or members.
  • Remembering the special moments of someone’s life with a simple phone call, or card, yes those things matters.
  • Always thank your staff for what they do. The verbal affirmation is just as important as compensation.

Conclusion on How to build a successful relationship 

In the business of building relationships, it is small small things that make the biggest difference. Please always endeavor to be a P2P entrepreneur.

There you have it. Five ways that you can focus in on, to help you build a successful relationships that can last.

Quite amazing at how much sheer common sense is included, isn’t it? This is the point, and the reason why I was compelled to pen this wonderful post this morning when I woke up, though it took all my time, but I think it worth it.

People have started to pick-up sloppy habits when it comes to developing the right type of friendships. They’ve started to take people way too much for granted. As a result, get confused when those that they thought were their ‘friend’ let them down in one way or another.

Don’t let that happen to you please. Be the person that enjoys your relationships and growing them – not just ‘using them’ for your own advantage. Always endeavor to apply these tips to enable you build a successful relationship.

In conclusion, looking at those fabulous tips on how to build a successful relationship discussed above. It’s enough information and evidence based tips that will enable you develop and build healthy and successful relationships. I would advise you to apply them in your relationship and see the outcome.


Thanks for your time.




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